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There Are Ways To Reduce Harm


There Are Ways To Reduce Harm

Many expectant mothers feel the violent vomiting in the early morning, or the pain of “happiness,” which seems to have an indissoluble bond with pregnancy.

A series of unpleasant reactions in the early stages of pregnancy are due to the rise in the body’s luteinizing hormone, the situation varies from person to person, and even some people are completely plagued by this.

Its main symptoms include vomiting, loss of appetite, headache, fatigue, constipation, general malaise, etc. Sometimes even eating habits and preferences change. Studies have shown that the 6th to the 18th week of pregnancy is the most serious moment.

By the middle of pregnancy, the mother has been able to adapt to the existence of the fetus, and the secretion of progesterone hormone is gradually reduced, and the number and severity of the hilarness will also decrease. Pregnant women should not take anti-emetic drugs, so as not to affect the health of the fetus. In the diet should be based on the principle of light taste, eat less meals, can refer to the following recommendations:

  • Choose dry foods such as soda cakes, toasts and easily digestible foods.
  • Reduce the intake of liquid foods or separate solid and liquid foods.
  • More sugar, such as freshly squeezed orange juice and grape juice is a good choice.
  • Eat less fried or greasy food.
  • Eat something before going to bed, so as not to get too low blood sugar when you get up the next day.
  • Eat less and eat more, don’t eat too much at once.

Attention to diet can reduce harm and discomfort

Medical research indicates that taking too much “multiple saturated fatty acids” will increase the chance of being affected. The researchers conducted a controlled study of 87 pregnant women who were almost unhappy, and 44 pregnant women who were hospitalized because of their serious illness. It was found that the more the proportion of polyunsaturated fatty acids in the diet before pregnancy, the more serious the degree of harm.

For every 15 grams of poly-saturated fatty acids (such as the amount of a hamburger), the chance of a hilarity will increase by a factor of five. Researchers estimate that multi-saturated fatty acids can increase female hormones in pregnant women, which may be the main cause of harm. Pregnant women can record the time, frequency and condition of the occurrence of the happine to understand the cause of severe vomiting. However, care should be taken not to deliberately not eat certain foods, otherwise too partial eclipse may affect the absorption of nutrients required by the mother and the fetus. If the vomiting is very serious, it may cause electrolyte imbalance, and you should seek immediate medical attention.