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What To Do if The Baby Has Prickly Heat


What To Do if The Baby Has Prickly Heat

The child began to sweat, and this was immediately reflected on his body by the appearance of small specks of pink color. Do not panic, everything is fixable with the help of a reliable means – the right care.

According to experts, prickly heat in children is much faster if they drink breast milk, which has an excellent ability to strengthen the immune system.

Reddened skin should not be lubricated with cream, treat it with baby powder. Apply a small amount of it on your own palm, and then spread it on the inflamed places.

Fresh air and its free access to the skin is a great helper in the fight against prickly heat. Air the room and leave the baby for a while after bathing without clothes.

Do not forget to bathe the baby regularly. When preparing a bath, use an anti-inflammatory herb decoction: mix equal parts of chamomile and turns and brew 6 tbsp. this mixture of liter of boiling water. After the decoction is well infused, strain it and add to the water. It is important that the broth was fresh. Healing herbs are the worst enemies of harmful microbes.

Also in the bath when bathing, you can add a small amount of potassium permanganate, diluted in a separate container to a pale pink color. A side effect of this method is the possible dryness of the skin.

Dear parents, we gave you people’s advice, but still if you noticed any disease syndromes in your child, such as prickly heat, a noticeable wreath on the bridge of the nose , cough, problems with the chair, etc., then first of all you need to show baby doctor.

After all, the health of newborns is very fragile and what helps one child does not necessarily help everyone. Those who want to discuss routine vaccinations and medical examinations I recommend to visit the site www.BabyBlog.ru, where you can get a lot of tips and advice.