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Rates of Heart Disease in Scotland continue to fall


Heart Disease in Scotland

Less Scots are dying of heart disease and stroke, according to the new figures that have just been published.

The figures show that a recent trend in decreasing incidence and mortality rates for both conditions continues throughout the country.

Welcoming the figures, Health Minister Andy Kerr said: “These new figures make a very encouraging reading. The long-term decline in deaths from coronary heart disease (CHD) continues and fewer new cases are being diagnosed. It’s a similar welcome trend for strokes.

“Patients are benefiting from significant improvements in treatment by the SNS and more are receiving revascularization procedures that save lives.

“In 2002, the Scottish Executive announced its CHD / Stroke strategy, including the financing of an additional £ 40 million, which is already starting to pay off as cash is distributed to projects across the country.

“However, while the numbers are moving in the right direction, we still have a lot to do if we want to improve Scotland’s poor health record.

“Many Scots are at risk of being victims of both conditions due to poor diet and lack of regular physical activity. The rates of smoking in Scotland remain high and the abuse of alcohol is also a serious risk factor.

“There is a real need for people to heed warnings and take care of themselves. By doing so, people will be able to make the most of their lives and allow families to be together for a longer time.

“We can only achieve a long-term and sustainable improvement by attacking the causes of ill health and promoting positive health and well-being.”