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Men Are Most Afraid To Doubt


Men Are Most Afraid To Doubt

Not to mention (or impotence) is a sexual dysfunction that modern men often encounter, but because of the dignity of men, many people are also ill-conceived, but they are unhappy for their own use.

“Suppressed” By Many People

Do not move refers to the male penis can not erect or can not be sustained erection, ejaculation, making it impossible to complete sexual intercourse. The most common condition is that the corpus cavernosum is insufficiently congested. In fact, men usually happen this occasionally in their sexual life. Statistics show that almost all men have had one or two unsuccessful experiences, and there are currently more than 100 million men worldwide who are suffering from this problem.

Chien is Taboo

If found themselves do not move, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible, not because of shyness and embarrassment rather than see a doctor, or find solutions to the printing of their own, this will only delay the time and opportunity to get a cure.

At present, there are many methods for treatment, including injection of testosterone, vacuum tube, taking pills, and implanting artificial penis. In addition, the recently popular oral medication for treating impotence, Viagra, and the latest oral drug, Uprima, can also help people continue to erect.

Stepping Out The First Step: Excluding Psychological Barriers

Psychological factors are also the cause of men’s failure to do so, so the exclusion of psychological barriers can also help to improve the situation. The following suggestions may seem simple, but they may be of great help.

  • You should keep your mind open and reduce your psychological stress.
  • Communicate with your partner to help you understand and improve your performance.
  • Change the environment and time appropriately to create a good atmosphere.
  • Get rid of drug addiction and bad habits of tobacco and alcohol.
  • Consult a doctor to find out the problem and receive appropriate physical and mental treatment.

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