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Scientists: Blue-Eyed More Capable


Scientists Blue-Eyed More Capable

People who have blue eyes achieve greater success in academic education than all the others.

So, scientists have proven that blue eyes are an indicator of human intellectual abilities. Blue-eyed people are more capable than those born with darker eyes. Holders of such eyes achieve greater success in academic training than all the others.

They have much more developed strategic thinking and even in such sports as golf, they play better. However, even the scientists themselves, who received such research results, find it difficult to explain their findings from a scientific point of view.

However, psychologists have long used the theory of the relationship between the color of a person’s eyes and his character. So, in their opinion, the owners of the eyes of cold shades – gray, blue, blue – are not afraid of the resistance of others, and therefore rarely doubt themselves in the presence of outsiders. But fate, alas, is not always favorable to them. Persons with such eyes are prone to adventure, but over time their energy begins to tire.

Holders of gray-green-green eyes are inconsistent and inconstant people, but at the same time they have a sensitive character. But for people with emerald eyes, the main thing is to have agreement with themselves. Whatever they do, the green-eyed must be content with their thoughts and actions. They are persistent and hardworking people, demanding of themselves and others. For friends, they will do everything possible and impossible, but insults or betrayals will never forgive.

Brown-eyed people are usually attractive, able to charm the interlocutor and find the right moment. Not without reason, among the greatest schemers of the modern age, the overwhelming majority were owners of dark eyes. They have a good memory and are very reasonable. Friendly in a relationship with a partner, but often capricious.

Traditionally it is believed that the color of the eyes is transmitted to a person genetically from his parents.