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Chitin’s Weight Loss


Chitin's Weight Loss

Chitin is a kind of cellulose extracted from crabs, shrimps, shellfish and the like . From the results of animal experiments, scientists found that chitin can reduce the accumulation of fat and increase the intestinal bacteria, reduce the problem of intestinal gas.

It locks some of the fat in the diet and prevents it from being absorbed, but the ratio is still undetermined. On the other hand, it binds to fat-soluble vitamins (eg, vitamins A , D, E, and K), reduces its absorption, and affects the absorption of carotenoids and calcium , so it is not as ideal.

If you don’t drink enough water after taking chitin, it will cause intestinal blockage. In addition, it can only lock part of the fat, and carbohydrates and protein will still be absorbed, so it does not really lose weight.

At present, chitin is not regulated by the Drugs Ordinance, so it is not regulated in terms of safety, purity and effectiveness. Many products do not even list the doses taken, and the ingredients listed only emphasize its benefits; so reliability and practicality are questioned.
Therefore, before the medical community has conducted in-depth research to confirm its effectiveness, it is still using other proven and safe ways to lose weight.
This article was reviewed by the consultant doctor