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Heart and Circulatory System – Heart Attack


Heart and Circulatory System - Heart Attack

Sudden obstruction of the blood supply to the heart is the most common cause of heart attack. The narrowing of arteriosclerosis and the blood in the arteries condense into blood clots, which can lead to vascular obstruction.


  • Chest colic, sometimes extending to the neck and arms.
  • Difficulty breathing and weak pulse.
  • The whole body is weak and even shocked.
  • Extremely indigestion, chest pain, fatigue, shortness of breath, and nausea are more likely to occur within a few days or weeks before the burst.

First Aid Procedure

  • Urgently call an ambulance and point out to the ambulance staff that the patient may have a heart attack.
  • Check the patient’s breathing and pulse, if necessary, artificial respiration and extracardiac pressure.
  • If the patient is awake, let it sit comfortably, pad the head and shoulders with the item, and bend your knees.
  • Loosen the patient’s neck, chest and waist and keep your breath open.
  • If you have aspirin and the patient is awake, give the patient a slow chew at the entrance, but don’t give him anything to eat or drink.


No need to, let the patient move.