Home Health News Every Fifth Earthling is Sick With This Terrible Disease!

Every Fifth Earthling is Sick With This Terrible Disease!


Every Fifth Earthling is Sick With This Terrible Disease!

Scientists have found that every fifth person in the world has a disease that provokes fatigue, and it is even fashionable to be tired now. This is a kind of symptom of the XXI century. In addition to fatigue itself, a person experiences problems with digestion, sleep, nervousness, and pain. Many celebrities have already stated that they suffer from this. For example, actress Gwyneth Paltrow and designer Donna Karan are trying, according to them, to increase the alkalinity of blood in order to defeat this mysterious illness.

What is the syndrome of fatigue and how dangerous it is, leading the “Morning of Russia” found out from the doctor-rehabilitologist, the host of the program “On the Most Important” by Sergei Agapkin. As the specialist emphasized, this term began to be used by the mass media without understanding its essence. The second name for chronic fatigue syndrome is post-infectious asthenia. And above all, it concerns viral infections.

“Initially, when chronic fatigue syndrome was discovered in America, there was a precedent with people suffering from this condition. They had depression, asthenia, fatigue, they could not recover, and Dr. Cheney, who discovered the syndrome, doing tests for these people , I found antibodies to the Epstein-Barr virus in all – it is one of the varieties of the herpes family. And further studies have shown that chronic fatigue is an asthenic condition that develops after viral infections “, said Sergey A Gapkin.

At the same time, he noted that the syndromes of both chronic fatigue and chronic sleepiness are manifestations of post-viral disorders. “One of the dangers of viruses of the herpes family is that they are quite common in people, just for some people they do not turn into chronic fatigue syndrome, and for some they do,” explained the rehabilitation doctor.

In addition, all found factors that cause chronic fatigue syndrome, mainly secondary, that is, eating disorders, emotional stress, give the virus to activate and do its work inside the cell. That is why we do not have enough energy, Sergey Agapkin concluded.

At the request of the leading doctor gave his recommendations on how to avoid the syndrome. According to him, this can be done in two ways: a full-fledged treatment during the onset of viral infections and proper nutrition. But one of the most effective methods proven by clinical trials is to use certain amino acids, in particular L-carnitine, for chronic fatigue syndrome. This substance is found in abundance in meat, in dairy products, it is rather widely distributed in a chemically purified form. At the moment, this is one of the most effective means, summarized by the rehabilitation doctor Sergey Agapkin.