Home Health News How does the Tria Skin Care Aging Care Laser Charge?

How does the Tria Skin Care Aging Care Laser Charge?


How does the Tria Skin Care Aging Care Laser Charge

Tria Skin Aging Care Aging care laser is one of the home beauty laser machines that the beauty industry is now drawing great attention. It is made by applying the “non-ablation type fractional laser” technology used in the clinic, so you can get the same effect as you did in the clinic while at home.

I have gained overwhelming support from women now being introduced in magazines, etc., but please use it after charging for about two and a half hours when using the main unit. However, since this is the charge time when using it for the first time, the charge time for the second and third times will be shorter.

Plug the supplied cord into the AC adapter and charger and then plug the AC adapter into a power outlet. Then, if you put an aging care laser on the charging stand, it is the beginning of charging. While charging, the battery light is blinking. When the flashing is over, it will be a sign that the unit is fully charged, so leave it for a while.

When using it, it is recommended that you do so with sufficient time to be able to charge firmly because there is a risk that the charge may run out during use if you do not charge it properly. If the battery charge continues to flash after 3 hours and 4 hours, or if the battery is fully charged, the operation time will be a few minutes, etc.

Please contact our support center. If it is a malfunction that has been used properly, you can have it be replaced free of charge within one year of purchase.