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How To Protect Your Baby From Viruses


How To Protect Your Baby From Viruses

Of course, the first condition for protection against viruses is a strong immunity, but it is still best to prevent viruses from entering the child’s body than to deal with them. To do this, there are several simple and effective ways to prevent the virus from entering the body.

1. When your child goes for a walk or to kindergarten, smear his nose with petroleum jelly, he will create a protective layer that prevents the virus from penetrating, the virus will settle on the petroleum jelly. Remember, as soon as the baby returns home, thoroughly wash his nose, thus you will remove, together with Vaseline, microbes that have settled on it.

2. Mix in equal parts, juniper oil and olive, use as in the previous case.

3. Even in ancient times, garlic was used in the treatment of various diseases, so during the epidemic period, thread several cloves of garlic on a string, and put a saucer with chopped garlic on the neck of a child, not far from the bed.

4. Tea tree oil is a powerful antiviral defense, as it has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial properties. It is enough to drop a drop of natural oil by the child’s ears, or on a blouse and your child will be protected from viruses and microbes.