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A Recipe For Increased Appetite


A Recipe For Increased Appetite

Emotional tension and depression can lead to poor appetite and loss of appetite. A persistent poor appetite will reduce the amount of food and cause weight loss and resistance. The following methods help increase food intake and ensure adequate nutrition.

  • Meal time or before the meal, do not drink beverages or soups.
  • Unless you have a disease and need diet, you can eat more food you like.
  • Eat less and eat more. People who eat less food may lose their appetite when they see a lot of food. Therefore, in addition to the meal, you can use the time between meals and meals to try to eat some simple but nutritious snacks, such as kernels, ice cream, high-fiber biscuits, and eggs. Or minced meat sandwiches and so on.
  • If you feel tired and sick, you should eat less greasy food. Eating more fresh fruits and vegetables can help increase your appetite.
  • Moderate exercise can stimulate appetite, but avoid doing some intense and laborious exercise.
  • When the appetite is not good, drinking more soup can also help to supplement nutrition. Generally, Chinese soup does not have much nutrients, but it can increase appetite. It is rich in carbohydrates and protein , which can help increase nutrition and calories, such as potatoes, beans, fish, minced meat, and egg flowers.
  • May take vitamin/mineral supplements, but these supplements are not a substitute for a healthy diet. In addition, eat less salty, alcoholic foods. Tea or coffee nor too healthy, because both of which can lead to lack of body potassium and lack of zinc.
  • You can drink nutritious drinks between meals and meals. If you have no appetite for dinner, you can use these drinks as meal replacements. Drinking three or more cups of skim milk, soy milk or almond milk a day is also one of the proposals.

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