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Doctors Were SHOCKED When They Saw Whom The Polka Bore!


A unique case was recorded in Poland: a woman in labor who wished to keep her name secret, gave birth to two babies who have different fathers. This event was only the seventh such in world history.

According to the Correspondent.net, referring to the Polish TV channel TVN 24, the woman was sure that her lover had become the father of the newborn boy and girl.

The happy mother was ready to divorce her husband, whose marriage was ending, and formally seal the relationship with her current lover. However, before taking such a crucial step, the Polish girl decided to make a DNA test to discard all doubts.

The results of genetic examination surprised the whole world: the father of one of the babies really turned out to be a woman’s lover, but the second child was conceived from a legitimate husband. Thus, this case was the seventh in the history of world medicine, writes Rosbalt.

The chance to give birth to twins from different fathers is extremely miserable – just one in a million. However, this probability cannot be completely discarded, which confirms the incident in Poland.

Scientists explain this fact by the fact that in approximately 0.1% of cases, the so-called para-ovulation occurs in women – during one cycle two eggs mature at different times.

Given that sperm can live in the female body for about 72 hours, it can be argued that the break between love dates with potential fathers can be quite long.