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How To Care For Hair Extensions


How To Care For Hair Extensions

Many women today resort to hair extensions in order to have long and especially beautiful locks. It should not be forgotten that they require special care. The first thing to consider is that extended strands need correction every four to five months. In addition, there are several rules that will allow you to have a really gorgeous hair extensions.

Washing such hair requires a special approach, it is impossible to apply shampoos that are designed for dry hair, because the components in their composition can significantly spoil the appearance of the strands. Do not tilt the head forward, it must be kept upright, and shampoo (it is better to dilute it with water) to distribute in the direction of hair growth. In this case, masks, balms and other similar means cannot be rubbed into the roots, they are distributed only along the length of the hair.

Experts do not advise lying down with wet hair. Dried hair should be combed with wide teeth, and at night it is better to collect them in a ponytail. Be sure to use sprays that facilitate the combing process. It is not recommended to wet such strands during each swim, it is better to cover them with a special shower cap. Too hot water is not recommended to hair extensions.

On the day, experts advise combing the hair extensions three times, starting from the tips and always combing from natural bristles. In order to carry out styling of such hair at home, it is also necessary to remember some points. Such strands can be wound on curlers, put them a hair dryer, ironing or curling. But! The air flow should be cool, and the hot elements of the forceps or ironing should not touch the capsule. To protect your hair, treat them with a special thermal spray.

If you are not intimidated by such difficulties, feel free to decide on a build-up, carefully care for the strands and then you will constantly hear from others compliments to your luxurious hair. You are interested in high-quality hair extensions voevodins.kiev.ua help you with this. Visiting the site you will learn all the secrets of hair extensions, as well as be able to read customer reviews. Plus there is information about where you can grow hair in Kiev.