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Step Aerobics For Weight Loss


Step Aerobics For Weight Loss

For many women, sports for weight loss are associated with complex and tedious loads. However, if you put them in the right shape, everything can change dramatically, and then playing sports will be pleasant and inspiring.

A great example of this is step aerobics. Such activities open the way for fantasy, since, having basic knowledge, exercises can be thought out independently. The only thing needed for such activities is a step platform , stepper or step, it can be purchased at any sporting goods store.

Step aerobics is nothing more than a sports dance to the fiery music that helps to lose weight, strengthen muscles and improve heart function without much effort, and maintaining a great mood. It is enough to memorize only four basic exercises, turn on the fantasy and the result will be visible very quickly.

1. Put your right leg on the stepper and pull the left knee bent to the chest with a rhythmic movement. Return it to the floor, put the right one. Change your legs.

2. Right foot on the step, put the left, fall to the floor, following this sequence. Change your legs.

3. Right leg, bent at the knee, on the stepper, leaning on it, slightly lift off the left leg from the floor and again return it to the floor, stick the right one. Change your legs.

4. Place the right and left feet alternately on the stepper, lower them to the floor in reverse order. Change your legs.

Do not be lazy to do at least 10 repetitions, listen to music, improvise and have fun!