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Karaoke Damage Health


Karaoke Damage Health

Singing karaoke has become one of the choices for modern people’s leisure programs. Many people also sing high songs to vent their work and life pressure. But when you are immersed in music and singing, your throat and hearing can be damaged.

The vocal squeaky throat hoarse The most common problem when singing karaoke is that the sound becomes hoarse. Under normal circumstances, a person’s vocal cords vibrate about 50 to 100 times per second, and when singing, they are as high as 80 to 1200 times.

Continuous singing will cause the vocal cord mucosa to become congested and edema, resulting in rupture of blood vessels and bleeding, resulting in acute vocal corditis. When you speak, you will be hoarse, sore, and even have difficulty breathing. In general, this may happen with five or six songs in succession. In severe cases, vocal cord nodules, polyps, etc., need to be treated by a doctor.

The Sound of The Sound is Deafening

When the karaoke is sung, the background music is too loud and causes damage to the hearing. Studies have shown that the average person can suffer a hearing loss if he continues for eight hours in an environment with a volume of 90 decibels or in an environment with a volume of 120 decibels for half an hour.

At present, the volume of decibels in the karaoke environment is more than 100, and the echo in the room will hurt the ears more deeply. In the environment of loud noise and noisiness for a long time, the voices of speaking and singing are also invisibly enlarged. Under the vicious cycle of adding noise, there will be tinnitus and sudden deafness.

Poor Air Confined Environment

In addition to hearing the throat and prone to injury, but also to sing karaoke may have other problems. If the singing environment is dry and airtight, and if someone smokes, it will affect the respiratory system. In addition, the room relies on the central air conditioning system.

If the ventilation system is not good, the filter is full of dust and mold, which can be a breeding ground for infectious diseases. In addition, the karaoke room environment is dark, and the flash of the TV screen will also stimulate the retina, causing visual fatigue and dizziness for a long time.

Health Tips: It

Is a good idea to stop health. Singing karaoke is a good way to eliminate stress, but if you lose your health, it’s not worth it. So every time you sing karaoke, you may wish to pay attention to the following reminders:

  • Don’t sing too much, after singing two or three, you can take a break of 5 minutes to sing to others, and drink water to keep your throat moist. If you find the sound hoarse, you have to rest and not sing.
  • When you choose a song, you should do your best, choose the song that suits you, and forcefully pull the scorpion, sing with false sounds or vocal screams will cause damage to the vocal cords.
  • Avoid staying in a karaoke room for a long time, preferably within two hours, and keep the indoor air fresh. People with asthma, chronic bronchitis and other respiratory problems are not suitable to go to these places.
  • If the hoarseness has not improved for more than a week, you should go to the doctor for examination and treatment as soon as possible.

This article was reviewed by the consultant doctor