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Treatment of Low Back Pain


The treatment of low back pain varies with the cause. If it is traumatic low back pain, you can refer to the following eight treatment methods.

First First should suspend the activities of the waist, getting enough rest.

Applying something like a hot water bottle to the waist can promote local blood circulation and relieve pain. Some people find that applying an ice pack to the waist can also help with low back pain.

Drug treatment is also an important part of the treatment of low back pain. Simple painkillers such as pain must have obvious analgesic effect, and the side effects are small when used correctly.

Another type of painkillers, such as non-hormone anti-inflammatory drugs, have more side effects, mainly stimulating the stomach and intestines, and can cause stomach ulcers and even stomach bleeding. The advantage of this type of medicine is that it can make local inflammation fade faster, so doctors are willing to prescribe this medicine, most of which is taken with stomach medicine to reduce the damage to the stomach.

Because low back pain can be caused by the psoas of the psoas, doctors often prescribe some antispasmodic drugs to relieve low back pain.

Patients with disc herniation sometimes feel heavy weight traction therapy helpful. The method is to attach a certain weight to the patient’s foot resting in bed, bypass the support shaft of the bed, and help the patient’s foot and lumbar vertebrae by gravity, which can slow down the tension of the lumbar muscles, and secondly, help the prominent intervertebral disc to recover. Bit.
For more severe trauma, such as causing a displaced fracture, it may be necessary to undergo surgical treatment to repair the fractured lumbar vertebrae.

If low back pain is caused by a lumbar infection or tumor, there will be special antibiotics and antineoplastic treatments.

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