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There is A Wonderful Way To Improve Cough


Whenever the weather turns cold, it is the season of asthma. The cough problem that many people ignore is actually more or less, and it should never be taken lightly.

Cough can be a symptom of some serious diseases, such as chronic bronchitis or emphysema . One of the main symptoms is long-term cough and a large amount of sputum.

This situation is most obvious during the morning break. It will gradually decline. If you can’t get up many steps, you will pant. You must stop and rest. Even more, you will feel shortness of breath when you are still, and talk about it intermittently.

If you want to cure this problem, it will take a long time, because it is too late to restore the damaged lung tissue to a healthy state. Therefore, there should be an idea that prevention is better than cure. First of all, it is necessary to avoid inhaling turbid air for a long time and to quit smoking habits.

In addition, more deep breathing exercises are used to improve lung function. It is not difficult to do this. First choose a comfortable posture, or sit or lie down, then inhale deeply and comfortably through the nostrils, and the abdomen will also swell up, followed by a sudden exhalation from the mouth.

Note that the amplitude is deep and long, no need to be strong, the rhythm should be natural and comfortable. After each five to six times, take a break and repeat the exercises; each time is about fifteen to twenty minutes.

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