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Three Things Before Women’s Pregnancy


Three Things Before Women's Pregnancy

What should you pay attention to before you plan to become pregnant? If you are preparing to become pregnant, you must first know the following three things.

1. Physical Health Should Also Be Checked

The first thing a healthy woman should prepare for pregnancy is to go to the gynaecologist for a comprehensive physical examination and various examinations. Regardless of your physical condition, you still need to check because the body may have common diseases that cause fetal malformations, such as rubella and Toxoplasmosis. If the blood test finds that your level of antibodies against rubella is insufficient, you should do a vaccination against rubella before pregnancy.

2. Understand Family History

And family doctors talk about your genetic disease, the history of birth defects in your family, and certain specific medical history in your home, such as cardiovascular and senile diabetes, as these can cause trouble for pregnant women. . Women with a family history of cardiovascular disease have a type of gestational hypertension that causes their blood pressure to suddenly rise to dangerous levels. In addition, people with a history of diabetes in the family may also develop gestational diabetes during pregnancy, affecting the baby’s health.

3. Abstain From Alcohol and Tobacco

Third thing to do is to quit smoking and drinking, because alcohol prior to pregnancy, has been able to produce devastating consequences on the health of pregnant women, so be prepared to pregnant women should stop drinking immediately. In addition, expectant mothers should also be prepared to quit smoking for a long time, because smoking during pregnancy increases the chance of baby’s developmental defects in the uterus. When a child is born, smoking increases the risk of sudden death syndrome in infants and the occurrence of second-hand smoke. Respiratory diseases.

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