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Make Good Use of The Long Summer Vacation


The annual summer vacation has arrived again. Many times I heard my parents complain that “the summer vacation is too long, and the children get me crazy. They are sometimes bored and constantly ask for it. I really hope to start school tomorrow. But they just had a holiday for a week. Help me!”

Knowing children, understanding yourself, and understanding the situation

Parents may think that it is their responsibility to make children happy during the summer vacation. Parents must take care of their children’s needs and marry them, hoping that they will not hinder their work.

Many parents work outside the home, leaving their children at home or to their grandmother’s home. Children do nothing, they may be playing all day, watching TV, watching comics. To make the summer vacation enjoyable and meaningful, children need the help of their parents.


Even if the holidays are different from the usual school days; parents should help the child to establish and maintain a daily routine.

No matter how busy your parents are, take time to spend time with your child and do things that everyone likes to do, such as building a story and telling stories.

Make a time for housework, let’s do it together, don’t tell your child to do housework when you are not at home. Keep in mind that it is best to teach your child before you let them do it. Children may not be perfect at first, but don’t be too picky. Be patient and encourage children to develop their children’s housework.

If there is a helper at home, parents should also train their children to do some appropriate housework during the summer vacation so that they can develop a sense of responsibility, which is also very helpful for the growth of the child.

Check out the government agencies or groups around your home to find out what activities and courses are available during the holidays, and choose activities that are suitable for your child (such as swimming classes, drawing classes, music lessons, etc.) and sign up for them.

Limit your child’s time to play and watch TV every day. If possible, it is not time to watch the TV to turn off the power. Parents learn to use computers as much as possible, and understand more about what information they are reading when they go online or what they are doing. Remember how good it is to do nothing for a day or a few days? Parents please don’t worry too much when crossing the day between children.

This article was reviewed by the consultant doctor